Wake-Up Weather: Pleasant sunshine

Saturday will be the better half of the weekend with sunshine and a light wind, but another soaker is on the way.

Video Transcript

- We have the wind advisory that's continuing in the first half of tonight. Some gusts over 50. Getting some new storm reports in the area. This one out of Pennington, New Jersey. There's a downed tree on Route 31. There's also another downed tree on 179. So that's across westernmost New Jersey.

But the wind is really howling across the area. A gust in Newburgh for the second hour in a row gusting over 50 miles an hour. So probably some tree limbs down in the Hudson Valley. Strong gusts are overtaking the island right now. And it's going to be windy into the first part of tonight.

Notice, once we get to midnight, we'll have winds below 40 miles an hour with the gusts, for the most part. That's when the wind advisory expires from the city on north and east. It expires for much of New Jersey, excluding parts of northeast New Jersey at about 7 o'clock tonight. And winds not much of a factor tomorrow, just a bit of a chilly breeze in the morning, and then about seven to 14 miles an hour in the afternoon hours.

So there's the New Jersey turnpike. Don't get dizzy here. But I mean, imagine landing in this, what type of turbulence we're dealing with. I'm sure there are delays at the airport as that camera shakes. 78 degrees out there, feels amazing. And obviously, it screams dining out. But I mean, these aren't-- umbrellas aren't going to make it in winds like that. So it's awful windy. Maybe you can find a restaurant that's sheltered a little bit.

Better half of the weekend, certainly tomorrow, with sunshine and a lighter wind. Problem is another system's coming in on Sunday. And this looks like another good soaking, the heaviest rain in the middle of the day. Might even be a rumble of thunder as we go into the early evening hours. So that could be a fresh inch of rain. And remember, we went almost three weeks with very little rain in March. And now, we're almost going to end up normal to above normal after this event on Sunday.

Behind that system, a pretty good gusty wind on Monday. We're in the lower 50s. That's kind of a blustery feel. Tuesday should be OK. The storm is to the south. And the more I look at things, I think we might stay dry into Wednesday. The final day of March with the next threat of showers to start April.

Here's the Futurecast, and it's bright sunshine tomorrow. Upper 40s, lower 50s. The humidity is down. So not only is it about 15, 18 degrees cooler than today, but it's also a lot drier. But it's still a really beautiful, like, high energy day, temperatures in the mid 60s with a lot of sunshine.

Here comes the showers by daybreak on Sunday. That'll flare up into heavier downpours during the middle of the day. And even though I think it'll taper during the evening, I keep seeing the signature of potentially some thunderstorms that may sweep through the area during the evening hours on Sunday. So we'll be aware of that, of some gusty winds.

But that's why I put an Accuweather alert on Sunday. Kind of a dicey day, with some heavy downpours, and pounding on roads, and maybe some gusty winds. We're around 60 that day, although that's a very late day high.

On Monday, becomes blustery, 53. Tuesday's OK. I might be able to remove that shower on Wednesday, pretty good, 63. And look at the beginning of April. 52 on Thursday. It looks like another soaking. And only in the 40s next Friday. So up and down we go. We'll get back there. The overall trend is to where we are right now. All right guys, back to you.

- All right.