Sun and clouds with a gusty chill

Thursday we'll wake up to a building breeze, and it will be a gusty afternoon that will make 40s feel like 30s.

Video Transcript

LEE GOLDBERG: All right, and keeping on the space theme, something to look out for-- first of all, tonight in the western sky, you can actually catch a glimpse of Mars and maybe wave at perseverance. But on Friday morning in the predawn hours, Jupiter and Mercury are kissing here. So there's a little conjunction going on.

It'll look like one little star there, just on the lower horizon. You have to catch it just before dawn. And there's the moon right there too, in the southern sky. So that should be pretty. There's the sun right there. Look at, just through the slice in the clouds right there. The sunset is at 5:50, about two and a half minutes away.

Our temperature of 50 degrees, mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. The breeze has picked up a little bit, but it actually backs off temporarily tonight before it really starts to kick up during the day tomorrow-- breezy in the morning, gusty in the afternoon, and a cold gusty wind that will make 40s feel like 30s.

And then we're bright and blustery on Friday, maybe some 40-mile-per-hour gusts that day, despite sunshine. We'll be stuck in the mid-30s. It'll feel like about 20 much of the day. It's still kind of brisk on Saturday and I think a disturbance coming through that actually produces a little bit more in the way of cloud cover, while Sunday, the wind's starting to back off a little bit. And we're probably sunnier.

We're still probably in the 30s, but probably the better of the two weekend days. The one thing we can thank this cold air is that storms are going and taking the scenic route around it and staying off to our south. So we're not talking about any rain. Maybe there's just a flurry in the Catskills tonight.

So a pretty pleasant evening, with the wind getting a little lighter, a few patchy clouds. By morning, 37 with a building breeze, most areas feel like we're in the low and mid-20s. We only get in the low 40s during the afternoon hours, compared to today's 51 or 52. So a few clouds with the cold front tonight, even a stray snow shower coming through the Catskills or even a flurry in Connecticut, too, not out of the question.

And then partly sunny during the day tomorrow-- by Friday morning, bitter cold. That's our coldest time. We're probably seeing windchills that are about 10 degrees on Friday morning. Be a bright, sunny day, but it's windy-- some gusts 35, 40 miles an hour matching the temperature.

And it'll feel like about 20 for much of the day. So gusty and blustery here, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday-- still brisk, clouds, little sun, 35. 38 on Sunday, lots of sunshine, a little less harsh. And then the temperatures get to average by Monday, mid-50s, on Tuesday-- at least mid or upper 50s.

And the only reason I'm not going 60 in the city on Wednesday is because the wind might be coming off the Atlantic. But there will be thermometers that read 60 degrees or better away from the coast by Wednesday. So something to look forward to. Just got to bundle up the next couple of days.