AccuWeather: Not as cold

Saturday will be mostly sunny and not as cold in the afternoon with temperatures that will reach the mid 50s.

Video Transcript

AMY FREEZE: Here it's safe, it's just cold. We have overcast conditions right now. It's a live view, Upper West side. You can see the distance there, GWB. We're just barely above freezing. This is a lot more like a winter day than a spring day. Feels like 24 degrees because the winds with those freezing temperatures is making it very cold. So you'll want to bundle up. We've got the winds coming out of the northwest. They've been gusting all morning. They'll continue to do so through the afternoon. We had early this morning-- 4:00 AM-- officially in White Plains flurries reported.

And you could see some decorating in the map here and there. So it's not really going to be sticking or affecting us in a big way. But we won't rule out the possibility of a flurry flying. Wind gusts, the strongest that we've seen have been up to 35 miles an hour. And although we're expecting them around 20 to 25 for the rest of the afternoon, the strong wind gusts have made it feel very cold so far today. Current wind speeds in Newburgh are at 21 miles an hour. 22 for Morristown. A 23 mile an hour wind right now for Islip. So watching what it feels like around here.

We look at the projections for the afternoon forecast. We'll be struggling to get into the low 40s. And with the winds, I think we end up with feels like temperatures in the 30s all afternoon. So it's not very comfortable out there. The top wind speeds are going to start to settle down by this evening. And as far as early tomorrow morning, it looks like we'll be above or below freezing until about 7:00 or 8:00 AM. And then our temperatures will struggle once again as we get into Saturday afternoon. So you can see that cold start that we have been turning the numbers into the low 50s before Saturday is done.

So we'll make our way towards more comfortable conditions by Easter Sunday at noon. Temperatures will already be in the low 50s and we'll go for daytime highs in the 60s on Sunday. Long Range forecast. We're storm free over the weekend. When could we get some rain around here? Maybe on Wednesday, areas south of New York City, maybe South Jersey and the Delmarva get a few showers. But a fairly quiet and mild weather pattern once we get into Sunday. And no major storms expected for several days. So this chilly start today turns into 43 this afternoon, 31, so freezing again overnight with a freeze watch coming.

And then 54 degrees is the expected high temperature for tomorrow. We get into the 60s by Sunday. And we'll hold those temperatures right through the middle to late part of next week. There is our next chance for a shower. But even that looks like it could be south for much of the area. So dry forecast, at least temperatures getting comfortable as we move into early next week. That's a look at your AccuWeather 7-day. If you're going out for lunch right, now bundle up.

- OK, well looks good, though.

AMY FREEZE: It does. Once we get past Sunday. Next forecast.

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