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Sun and clouds, not as warm

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An incoming sea breeze will knock down temperatures a bit Thursday, but we'll still reach the upper 70s.

Video Transcript

SANDRA BOOKMAN: Great cause. We turn now to chief meteorologist Lee Goldberg. He's in his backyard today. We're both envious, are we not, Bill?

BILL RITTER: I just am standing there in awe of Lee Goldberg, for the way he looks, the way he dresses, his yard, everything.

SANDRA BOOKMAN: He's hoping you get him a bouquet. That's what this is about, Lee.

BILL RITTER: You read me like a cheap fumble.

SANDRA BOOKMAN: Don't fall for it.

LEE GOLDBERG: I've stepped it up a little bit today. I've stepped it up, that'll be a surprise. That's at the end of the seven-day. All right? Say hello to the boys. They came out for a little walk this afternoon.

BILL RITTER: Hi, guys.

LEE GOLDBERG: I hope you're walking the dogs. This evening's going to be beautiful. Yep, family popping out to enjoy some treats and some beautiful weather. Let's go ahead and look out in the Atlantic first. Now, hurricane season begins on the first. NOAA will release the hurricane Atlantic forecast tomorrow. But there's already a candidate for a subtropical system east of Bermuda. That could be Ana. It's no threat to the US mainland, but something we'll watch over the coming days. So already starting to brew a little bit.

Look to the South, great visibility. See Ms. Liberty out there. You can also see Ellis Island and Liberty State Park, One World Trade. We are at 84 beautiful degrees right now, under bright, sunny skies. Here's a dog, as if you're taking him for a walk. Our temperatures will be dropping through the 70s. Just a nice breeze this evening. It's so fantastic, because the humidity is so darn low. It's really a May version of 80 degrees.

Air quality will be good tomorrow. UV index at a seven. The pollen count on the moderate to high side during the day tomorrow. A little bit more in the way of cloudiness. There's a sea breeze tomorrow, so it's not as warm. You can actually slice about 10 degrees off of the temperatures.

And I think we'll feature even more cloudiness on Friday, and even into Saturday. Nothing more than a spot shower. But for the most part, I think clouds actually dominate those two days with intervals of sunshine. But we might get back to 80 on Saturday, just because the wind starts turning more southwest.

Now, by Sunday, we crank the heat up again. So if you're working today and you wanted to get to the beach, you get a shot on Sunday as we approach 90 degrees. But there's also a strong cold front, so you may have to get off the beach late in the day as a thunderstorm tries to approach.

Here's the Futurecast. Tomorrow morning, get some high, thin clouds around. It's more of a filtered sunshine during the day, but a much different feel. 65 to 73 at the immediate coast. Mid-70s to upper 70s in the city. Lower 80s inland. A little bit more cloudiness as well on Friday. And once again, we're probably stuck in the 70s. After a morning in the 50s, we're likely in the 70s. By the way, you can also see just a spot shower well in the north. Most of us will stay dry.

Here's your seven-day AccuWeather forecast. So we're going with a 77 tomorrow, sun and high clouds. On Friday, definitely more clouds than sunshine. And again, there might be a stray spot shower to the north. 81 on Saturday. The difference is we have more of a land breeze, so a little warmer. Then, on Sunday, I think I'm going to end up raising that to 90. There might be an afternoon or evening thundershower that get strong. But it's hot that day, and a little bit more humid too. Then refreshing by the time we get to Monday, 73.

All right, Sandra. For you.

SANDRA BOOKMAN: Oh, I love those colors. It's perfect. Perfect.

LEE GOLDBERG: Yes, we're going with more-- we had some dianthus I was able to pick. Still have some mandevilla, some phlox from earlier, a little [? beulah ?] weed, so that is for you today.

SANDRA BOOKMAN: I love that. Thank you.

LEE GOLDBERG: You are super welcome and deserving. And Mr. Ritter, I actually harvested some basement lemons. My lemon tree actually--

BILL RITTER: I love that. It's the nicest thing you've ever given me, Lee.

LEE GOLDBERG: You never leave a sour-- you never leave a sour taste, but that's for you today.

BILL RITTER: Thank you so much. Very emotional.

SANDRA BOOKMAN: Thank you very much, Lee.