AccuWeather: Partly sunny and less humid | Updated 7-day forecast

Flash flood warnings have been issued for Sullivan County in New York as another round of showers and thunderstorms move in Wednesday evening.

Video Transcript

- Well, we showed you this picture a few minutes ago where you could see the rain coming down. Now you can see a little bit of sun coming off the right there, it's looking better. That's over by New Jersey. But then also take a look at that, you don't want to be on the beach right now, Lee.

LEE GOLDBERG: So that's Asbury Park. We're looking South. So that storm is moving away from Asbury Park, but it's down the shore. But yes, remember lightning can strike still several miles away from the storm. So not the time to be on the beach right now although the waters look much calmer.

We've got a lot to get through over the next few minutes here. Severe thunderstorm warnings still up for Sullivan County until 6:30. This storm is moving very slowly, likely to be some flooding on area roadways there. So the a flood warning there, some of the flood advisories across parts of Northeast New Jersey with that storm that we just showed you near Elizabeth and Linden.

So a few clusters of storms like we advertised. Not as widespread, but the ones that have formed are certainly still pretty strong. This one's gotten a little weaker, but a lot of lightning near Crawford. And right near Hartwood, that's the nasty part of the storm with some gusty winds and heavy downpours. These are drifting toward places like Mount Hope and down to Middletown as well.

Getting to that downpour that's over New Jersey, you can see it there from Elizabeth to Bloomfield to Carteret and reaching over into Dongan Hills on Staten Island but lighter rainfall, but certainly some lightning strikes there as well. And there's the storm, Asbury Park's here. The storms near Brick, and drifting down toward Seaside Heights. But again, they've been moving very slowly so that can be some downpours near Jackson. Remember we have Six Flags down here, so folks need to get to a place of safety right now away from those downpours and roadways are going to be flooded around that area. So don't want to hit the road until that pulses down.

It's all because a cold front is now sagging into the area the relief is right here. That's where it will be during the day tomorrow. That's the New Jersey turnpike. Newark Airport and you see the wetness here after the rain soaked parts of Newark. We're 85 right now a Southeast wind at three, that dew point is still high, will be humid during the overnight.

So day four and the final day of the heat wave. First heat wave last year didn't happen until mid July. By the way, we also had a small earthquake this morning and Tuckerton in Ocean County. A weak earthquake, not too deep either. It happened just before 8 o'clock in the morning, no damage but a little shaking right near the Ramapo Fault in New Jersey.

Storms not as widespread tonight, they can still be strong though. We've got relief tomorrow with lower humidity. And the weekend forecast is improving, temperatures we're taking them up. Dew points go from 70 during the day to day to invigorating by the end of the day tomorrow. You already feel the lower humidity in the morning.

Rain cooled, steam bath there in Belmar, 76. But most of us, because we haven't seen as many storms, still rather hot during the evening hours. It still feels like 100 in Morristown. So still kind of warm and very humid.

Thunderstorms, even if you haven't seen one, they can still blossom during the early evening hours, even over New York City with the cold front settling off to the South. We should be out of the woods after about 9:00, 10 o'clock, latest by 11:00. I don't think we're tracking anything on radar.

There's the lowering humidity coming in tomorrow, it feels great. But partly sunny skies in the afternoon around 78. If you noticed, I went right past that sunrise Futurecast, it was partly cloudy. That means the viewing conditions aren't bad for the partial solar eclipse that's happening right around sunrise. Sunrise 5:24, it'll peak around 5:33 and end just after 6:30. Not all the sun will be blocked, but about 73% will. Could kind of a funny tint and different colors in the sunrise to check out that in the Northeast sky just above the horizon.

An evening thunderstorm and then partly cloudy, 72 for tomorrow. It's 82, what a nice day. Partly sunny, and more of a higher energy day with less humidity. As we go through tomorrow night more comfortable, partly cloudy, 50s in the suburbs.

And here is your seven day. Friday we took up from 68 to 74 because I think there's more sunshine. Saturday, looking better at 77. A late day thunderstorm especially North and West of New York City, the weekend overall looking pretty good before another storm chance on Monday. All right, so weather looks good. We'll look good for The Islanders tonight, man it's going to be rocking at Nassau Coliseum.