AccuWeather: Cool rain

On Sunday we'll have periods of rain in the morning, there could be some downpours and maybe a rumble or two of thunder. It will be mainly cloudy in the afternoon and evening with a few showers or drizzle hanging around.

Video Transcript

JEFF SMITH: The park is fantastic. Look at everyone taking advantage of that in the Sheep Meadow right now. 65 degrees. It got up to near 70 earlier. Looking at east wind coming in about 6 miles per hour. Got off to kind of a slow start this morning with more clouds, but then some sunshine popped out during the afternoon, allowing those numbers to really spike. But the potential is there for some heavy downpours as we head into tomorrow morning, could even be some rumbles of thunder out there. So a totally different day on Sunday. Watch for a leftover shower or some drizzle in the afternoon, so the rain becomes a little bit more disorganized as we head later in the day.

But it redevelops later on tomorrow night. There could even be some downpours involved with that into the wee hours of Monday morning. 63 right now, Laguardia. A pair of sixes is that Teterboro. You got numbers which are more like 72 still-- nice-- at Morristown. 61 down the shore at Belmar. Middle to upper 50s on Long Island. 62, Bridgeport, Connecticut. So the clouds thinned out for a while, but now clouds are starting to move back in from the west ahead of this weather maker here, which is a big old storm circulating over Missouri, parts of Illinois.

This is headed up toward the Great Lakes, but will be dragging a front and our direction. And along that front, there'll be some locally heavy downpours as we head into tomorrow morning. I think the overnight hours of tonight though are mainly dry. So if you have plans for the evening, should be a go. By 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, maybe some rain beginning, south and west of New York City, central and southern parts of New Jersey. More likely closer to 9:00 AM for first raindrops in New York City. And then they quickly become kind of heavy. I mean, you have some yellows and orange is showing up here on the Futurecast, indicating maybe some heavier downpours, could be a rumble of thunder, right through about midday.

And then just becoming more showery and kind of disorganized during the afternoon, just kind of damp out there in general. And then another band of potentially heavier downpours moving on in later on tomorrow night into the wee hours of Monday morning. And during the day Monday, not much of an improvement. A lot of clouds out there. Look at that wind coming in from the east keeping us cool. And there will be a bit of rain and drizzle at times. Weather Wellness-- air quality is good out there tomorrow. UV index with all the clouds only a 1, which is, of course, considered low.

And pollen is on the moderate side, it's maple, juniper, and alder this time of the year. Mainly cloudy and mild tonight, 54. There's an outside chance a bit of rain tries to sneak into areas well south and west of New York City by dawn tomorrow. But it will get into all of the area during the day during the morning hours. Periods of rain, could be some heavier downpours, maybe a rumble or two of thunder, and then mainly cloudy in the afternoon with just some leftover showers or perhaps some drizzle, that high getting up to about 61 if we're lucky.

Considerable cloudiness, rain at times tomorrow night. That could, again, evolve into some heavier downpours late tomorrow night. 49 for a low. Not recovering much during the day on Monday. Mid 50s, a bit of rain continuing. And this looks a little bit pessimistic. There's a lot of raindrops on here. But it won't be all day washouts. There's a shower possible on Tuesday and Wednesday, 61 and 60 respectively. The trend is actually our friend later on in the week, Thursday and Friday. Latest computer guidance showing this system moving offshore.

So maybe we can get rid of these raindrops by tonight's 11:00 PM newscast. And if we do so, we may be raising those temperatures as well. Sun and clouds on Saturday. That high back up to about 65, clearing out just in time for next weekend.