Milder with intervals of clouds and sunshine

After rain moves out Monday, Tuesday will be the pick of the week with sunshine and a high in the 60s.

Video Transcript

LEE GOLDBERG: All right, so we look at the island right now, and there's some light rain on the East end near Riverhead and over to West Hampton. And then you have some heavier showers, they're over Fairfield County and places like, let's say, Mahopac, and over to Katonah, and Cross River. And another area of showers over Rockland and into Orange County.

Lighter to moderate rain over New York City. And not much going on over central and southern New Jersey. Coastal New Jersey, some drizzle, but some of this will back in from the North and East as we go through the evening hours. So here's a look at the wet crossroads right now as we look at Times Square. We got light rain and 47 degrees, moderate at times. Not a lot of wind, but still kind of raw out there, and you certainly need your umbrella and raincoat this evening.

The rain is really through the first part of the night. After midnight, that band of rain will start to fizzle and taper. And even by morning, I can see how the ceiling lifts and we have some breaks in the clouds. Air quality will be good tomorrow as this rain is washing everything out, the pollutants out.

UV index will be at about a four, maybe inching a little higher during the midday and afternoon as that sun becomes more dominant. And the pollen count is moderate to high. It's probably moderate in the morning, as it's gotten knocked down a little bit, and then will start to spike during the day. So it's a pretty wild looking satellite. You've got this stretched out area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere, pieces of it coming by.

But here's the good thing about tomorrow, that little circulation which is right over, let's say, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. That'll slide South and East of us tonight, leaving us in between storms for tomorrow before this swirl, which is currently headed West, reverses course and starts to head to the Northeast and teams up with that moisture there. So very complicated weather pattern, but the details starting to sort of come to light here. A diamond in the rough tomorrow as one of those storms moves away.

And you know Wednesday is still a pretty decent day. Starts out with some sunshine clouds gather late in the day, some rains moving in, especially West. But then, as that second system I showed you taps into some Pacific and eventually Atlantic moisture, you're looking at a good soaking rain. And by the way, if you look closely you see that pink there.

There will be some mixed precipitation with this thing upstate and into maybe Thursday night, where there's actually some snow mixing in over upstate New York. Maybe into the Catskills and Poconos on Friday, because it's raw and rainy as this whole thing pivots out. But if this all goes well and we get that out of the way on Friday, we have a nice weekend shaping up.

There's that band of rain that we're looking at right now. Notice how it holds together this evening so you need your umbrella, but then clouds break up and we dry out by morning. Upper 50s to lower 60s, partly to mostly sunny, more clouds East, more sunshine West. Here come the clouds gathering by Wednesday, but a hint of sunshine early. It's later in the day when a couple of showers come in. But that's still another mild day, even mid and upper 60s, 50s along the coast.

Your seven day Accuweather forecast. Next two days, not bad. Late day showers Wednesday Accuweather alert for soaking rain on Thursday. That could be an inch of rain. It stays raw and rainy on Friday. Any lingering showers give way to sunshine on Saturday. And the weekend is perfectly timed in our lower 60s and partly sunny skies. Good for your osprey viewing.