Mostly cloudy with a passing shower and snow shower

Another round of snow or rain showers will hit the Tri-State Tuesday, but will be much lighter than Monday.

Video Transcript

LEE GOLDBERG: All right. Back to Earth, where this February has been remarkable, with more than half the days with at least a trace of snow, 12 out of 22 days. And now with today's nearly half inch, that little burst before it changed to rain, we're up to 26 inches for the month. 26.8, just below 27 inches, would push us into the top 10. But right now we don't have any significant snow in the forecast. You're probably happy to hear that.

By the way, check out Dallas at 70 and 75 in Brownsville. So Texas warming up. For us, over the next couple of days, look how that warmth is finally getting east. We get a nice shot at getting to 50 degrees by the time we get to Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the clouds filled in here a little bit, looking a little darker, well, as we head toward sunset, just after sunset. It is 38 degrees right now under mostly cloudy skies, not too uncomfortable, just a little wet out there. There's a lot of puddles on the LIE and on the Long Island roadways, down the shore, too. And still some snowflakes flying well to the north, but that's all ending.

Some partial clearing during the overnight. You can see the steady rain leaving the twin forks, lighter rain. It's just leaving most of Nassau County right now, a couple of flakes right along the Connecticut-New York border here, especially in Dutchess County, otherwise quieting down.

But there is another little patch of some snow showers here, upper level part of the storm swinging to our north. So there could be a couple sprinkles and flurries still through the early evening hours. I think most of them are going to dry out as they come eastward.

So the partial clearing will happen later on. And there'll be a little filtered sunshine early. But already the next system is moving quickly behind this one. So high clouds will mask the sunshine early. But that'll be the brightest part of the day, early on.

Clouds will thicken. And I think by maybe 11:00 or noon we're already seeing some snow showers getting to the Poconos and Catskills. If you blink, you miss the rain and snow showers that fly through during the middle of the day and the early afternoon hours, nothing like today. It'll be a couple of rain showers, New York City, Long Island south of I-78 very little, much of central New Jersey a couple of rain or snow showers.

There would be snow showers to the north, could be a little bit more organized, where maybe some car tops get dusted on, but again, nothing like today. Roadways will be just fine. And then we'll clear things out tomorrow night, set the stage for a great Wednesday.

There is a little high cloudiness around on Wednesday, but upper 40s, lower 50s, 50s better chance away from the coast because there'll be a wind off the cooler Atlantic. Here's your seven-day AccuWeather forecast. So 42 tomorrow, midday rain or snow showers. And around this time we should start drying out, maybe clearing up a little bit.

Wednesday is your pick of the week, 50 inland. But you know what? Thursday isn't bad, little breezy, a little cooler at 46. Fair amount of sunshine on Friday, 41. Sunday's the better half the weekend because I think we're having some rain on Saturday, 46. Up near 50 on Sunday. Another threat of rain showers on Monday.

But nice to see. I mean, when's the last time you saw a seven-day with 40s across the board? So we are making progress toward the end of the month.