Clouds breaking for a bit of sun; humid with a few thunderstorms

Showers continue overnight into Friday, which will remain unsettled with some scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Video Transcript

- Only the timing of this rain does not seem great for the Thursday evening coming home.

LEE GOLDBERG: Yes, the back half of the commute deteriorating as some of the heavier showers begin to move in. Severe thunderstorm watch for westernmost New Jersey. The good news is this is not going to be a widespread severe weather outbreak. We've had a lot of clouds today and ocean breeze.

There's some flood warnings northwest of Philly. We could certainly have some drenching downpours. The severe storm staying northeast of Baltimore-- they seem to be weakening as they come eastward, but still I can't rule out a gusty thundershower, especially the south of New York City.

You can see a couple of areas of showers knifing into the area right now. A few downpours-- Tinton Falls over to Monmouth Beach, lifting toward Highlands. And then you can see some heavier thunderstorms here northwest of Philly that are reaching toward Hunterdon and over to parts of Morris County and over to Warren County as well. Those light rain areas and moderate rain going to toward Troy Hills, Paramus, Wycoff, and reaching into Rockland, and even Westchester County right now-- a couple sprinkles there and a sprinkle near the GWB, too.

This front is way back off to the west, and unfortunately, it kind of limps through by day's end tomorrow. And that's why we still have showers in the forecast.

You know, we're looking downtown here. Visibility is still pretty good, nothing imminent midtown just yet. We're at 72, southeast wind at about 5. Rainfall from this morning about two tenths, and we'll get more downpours this evening.

The areas where we did get in the mid and upper 70s across interior central New Jersey-- this is where we could still have a gusty thunderstorm as we go through the evening hours. 72 Poughkeepsie, pair of 6s in Monticello, and you see 60s on the island. In Connecticut, you'll just get some heavier showers working through.

So the Futurecast updated, and what you'll notice is just what I was talking about. South of I-78-- that's where we could have some of the stronger thunderstorms, a couple of downpours moving through New York City along the I-95 corridor during the 7:00 hour. Not much action once you get into the mid-Hudson Valley here. A few heavier showers could reach Connecticut and Long Island as we go through the maybe 7:00 to 10:00 hour, and then that's it. And then it's just showery for the remainder of the night.

Similar routine tomorrow-- a little showery and dreary early tomorrow morning, some brightening midday, probably a few degrees milder. We can get into the upper '70s, and then scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. I do not expect these to be severe, but again, you'll run into some downpours as we go through the early evening hours.

After that, we finally dry things out. We switch to more of a westerly wind. We've got the sunshine back to start Saturday, humidity's dropping. We're in the lower 60s. We can get in the mid and upper 80s during the afternoon-- great beach day. The rip current riffs will start to diminish, because we'll get the wind more off the land, and even better on Sunday.

Evening storms tonight, then showers linger, pair of 6s. For tomorrow, 77, showery start, then brighter midday. And then I'll be tracking more showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. Probably not severe, but you may run into downpours, which could delay your Friday evening travel.

Early thundershower tomorrow evening, then clearing and mild. You love the weekend. Look at this. I mean, it's going to be 40 degrees warmer than the last weekend-- on Sunday around 90. I took the thunderstorm out of Saturday. Just an isolated storm well north and west. Potential first heat wave of the season into early next week with increasing humidity with a storm threat holding off until Wednesday. We'll track the storms through the early evening hours.