Action 13 helps you navigate FEMA disaster relief application

Here's how Lone Star College and the University of Houston are helping employees and students impacted by last week's winter storm.

Video Transcript

- Absolutely. We are hearing from you the viewers as you try to navigate the bureaucracy of the federal government. This certainly can be aggravating, especially if you're in cleanup mode, trying to recover from last week's winter storm. We took your questions directly to FEMA.

Once you start your FEMA application at, you might start asking some of these questions shared with Action 13. First up, what is the average FEMA grant? I asked FEMA spokesperson Earl Armstrong.

EARL ARMSTRONG: Remember, the average grant for the last few years, including Harvey, is between $3,000 and $5,000 or $6,000.

- Second, does FEMA factor in your income when determining award eligibility? The answer is yes, and it may impact their decision.

EARL ARMSTRONG: A grant you don't have to pay back. A loan you have to pay back. And in the application process, you can, you know, we'll ask you about income and your banking. And then you'll be referred to the Small Business Administration.

- Lastly, what do I do if FEMA sends me a denial letter? Appeal and make sure you provide FEMA the paperwork they're asking for.

EARL ARMSTRONG: You know, if you get told no the first time, keep trying.