Activate takes snapshot of Lima's health: Community health improvement plan is developing

Mar. 14—LIMA — Josh Unterbrink and Kayla Monfort are the two people who comprise Activate Allen County.

"We like to be data driven and so we're helping organize and are in charge of our Community Health Assessment," Unterbrink said. "We're getting a snapshot of what our community health looks like."

Based on that data a Community Health Improvement Plan will be implemented to hopefully improve the healthy lifestyle of residents of Allen County. The last plan set priorities to achieve for the three years from 2020 to 2023.

Those priorities were to improve mental health and reduce substance abuse, to improve maternal and infant health, increase wellness and decrease chronic diseases and harmful child hood conditions and to improve housing affordability and quality and to increase access to public transportation.

The new survey will reveal different data and thus the priorities will change for the next three years.

Activate Allen County is a public health collaborative committed to promoting healthy eating, mental health and well-being, active living, and a tobacco-free lifestyle. It is a locally funded initiative that focuses on educating and inspiring the people in the community to make healthy choices. Educating people about the relationship between policy, environment, and community design and how that relates to their health and well-being is a continuous effort. Part of that means making changes that remove barriers and increase access to healthy behavior.

Activate Allen County promotes healthy lifestyle. It encourages residents to get involved in committees and task forces in Allen County. Activate Allen County is involved with the South Jackson Community Gardens, the plant swap and the activated Faith Community Challenge.

To inquire about the breadth of their influence, contact Activate Allen County at 419-222-6045.

Reach Dean Brown at 567-242-0409