Active SWAT Situation Near USC After Reports Of Shots Fired

A shooting suspect was barricaded near the University of Southern California campus on Tuesday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- Sky 9 over Exposition Park.

- Apparently, there's an active SWAT situation going on right there. Let's go up to Desmond Shaw live in Sky 9 for more. Hey, Des.

DESMOND SHAW: Hey, Juan and Susie. Now we really have to be careful here with an active SWAT situation, as far as what all we can show you here. But we're in South LA, North of USC, kind of between the 10 of the 110. That's all I want to say right now, but things are getting really, really chaotic.

So this all started a couple of hours ago as a barricade situation after LAPD responded to shots fired. When they arrived on the scene, it sounds like the suspect actually started firing at officers, so they immediately upgraded this to a SWAT situation. And so just right when we got to the scene more shots were fired. It sounds like there may have been an exchange between officers and the suspect. We know that one officer was hit. He's being taken to the hospital now in this ambulance. Now I can tell you he was up and walking on his own, so hopefully he was just grazed. And I believe that we heard that the suspect may be down as well in this neighborhood.

So it's a really, really frantic scene that's unfolding right now in South LA, near the 10 and the 110, just south of the ten, North of USC, with shots fired, at least one officer hit and possibly a suspect down. Juan and Susie, going to send it back to you now.

- All right, Desmond. Thanks so much.