Activists fight for US immigration reform, fair work accommodations

Activists gather at Union Park and marched to Federal Plaza in order to call for immigration reform.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: Today, a local activist made yet another push for immigration reform, calling for citizenship for the undocumented. They once again took to the streets to demand citizenship for America's millions of undocumented immigrants.

FERNANDO MARTINEZ: You know, we are tired of immigrants. We have no one from this country unless you're like Native American. For everyone literally came here from somewhere else. So we need to respect that and we need to honor that.

EVELYN HOLMES: Today's call to action is a part of an annual May Day rally and March organized by several grassroots organizations to celebrate workers rights while demanding immigration reform.

BASSEN KAWAR: Right now is the moment for relief for undocumented people living in fear.

EVELYN HOLMES: Like this domestic worker we're not identifying. In Spanish says she's been undocumented for 20 years and is terrified of being deported. Immigration advocates say the system is broken.

IRASEMA SORIANO: They work hard. They deserved that.

EVELYN HOLMES: President Joe Biden has called for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Some groups estimate there are over 400,000 immigrants living without legal status here in Illinois alone.

MIN HEE CHO: We are tired of waiting, tired of these politicians lies and broken promises, tired of being political pawns.

EVELYN HOLMES: Before marching to Federal Plaza downtown, hundreds gathered for a rally in Union Park to also demand the return of two million deportees, the release and reunification of families at the border, and accountability by law enforcement.

JESUS GARCIA: Moving forward, we reform the immigration system and decouple it from the criminal justice system. Why? It tears families apart.

EVELYN HOLMES: Those here say that work is far from over, they say the time for change is now. Reporting from the Federal Plaza, Evelyn Homes, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.