Activists play dead to call for embargo on Russia

STORY: Holding signs reading "Stop Russian oil" or "How does it feel to finance genocide," protesters laid down on the ground after playing siren and bombing sounds on a loudspeaker outside the EU institutions' windows.

Members of "Promote Ukraine," an informal group of Brussels-based Ukrainians said they organised the event, so it would coincide with an EU ambassadors meeting during which they believed a sixth package of European Union sanctions against Russia would be discussed.

The Ukrainians protesters were joined in by representatives of the Belgian branch of campaign group "Rise for Climate," who called on EU members to "accelerate the (energy) transition and encourage the energy independence of all European countries."

Earlier in the week, the European Commission said a sixth package of European Union sanctions against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine was expected "very soon."

The exact date of the package is not yet confirmed, and as with the previous rounds of EU sanctions it would need approval from EU countries, EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson told a news conference in Warsaw on April 26.