Activists rally in DC to pressure Biden on climate

Activists from a number of progressive groups rallied in Washington to push President-elect Joe Biden to uphold his commitments on climate change. (Nov. 19)

Video Transcript

ED MARKEY: We're at a moment right now where the fossil-fuel industry is descending on Washington, DC, and they want to call the Green New Deal socialism. And you know what our answer is? What do you call 100 years of tax breaks for the oil and gas and the coal industry? And what we're saying is give us the same breaks for wind and solar and all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids and battery storage technologies, and we will bury the fossil-fuel industry. That is what this fight is all about.

RASHIDA TLAIB: We understand this movement is more than one day. It is more than Election Day. This moment is more than ever an Election Day. It is about people and about transformational, meaningful action around climate crisis.

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ: We have worked with the Biden administration to secure a commitment on a $2 trillion climate plan-- $2 trillion. But we're not going to stop there. We're not going to stop with a piece of paper. That's not what's going to happen. We're not going to forget about that agreement for the sake of an election, are we? No. What we're going to do is that we're going to organize and demand that this administration, which I believe is decent and kind and honorable, keep their promise.