Acton Town Meeting To Be In High School Field House, Parking Lot

Samantha Mercado

ACTON, MA — Coronavirus-related restrictions have forced the Acton to get creative in hosting this year's Town Meeting. This year's Town Meeting will be held in the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Field House and parking lot on June 29.

Touchless check in will be at the entrance to the Field House (upper gym) outside. Masks will need to be worn except in cases of medical necessity. People can then choose whether to go inside and sit socially distant or to be outside sitting socially distant. Both locations will be connected through audio and video, talk to text translation, and microphones for voters to speak.

Each person will have to consider what makes them feel the most comfortable. Chairs will be placed in the parking lot at appropriate intervals, but people wanting to be outside may bring their own chairs to put in those spots. Insect repellent and umbrellas may also be needed.

There will not be a non-voter section except for the press. The meeting will be streamed on Acton TV for those wishing to watch.

Several other precautions will also be taken including:

  • Presentations will be available online by June 23 for voters to review and contact the presenters with questions prior to the meeting if possible.
  • Nineteen of the thirty-one articles are on the consent agenda. Voters will have the opportunity to hold out an article, but if you have questions that could be answered prior to the meeting, please contact the sponsor if possible. Once the list has been reviewed and any articles held out for individual discussion, those articles will be voted as a block.
  • The article sponsors will have up to 5 minutes to present. Voters including con presenters will have up to 2 minutes to make their point or ask their questions.
  • Voters wishing to speak will maintain social distance as indicated by markings on the floor or ground and may remove their masks while speaking.
  • Voting will be by a combination of voice and holding up large colored tickets. Clickers will not be used due to sanitation concerns.

This article originally appeared on the Acton Patch