Actor among four found guilty of rioting in Hong Kong

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STORY: A Hong Kong court on Thursday found four people guilty of rioting, after the city’s legislature was stormed during pro-democracy protests in 2019.

They include actor Gregory Wong, seen here arriving at the courthouse this morning.

Hundreds of protesters besieged Hong Kong's Legislative Council building on July 1, 2019 – the anniversary day of the city’s handover from Britain’s colonial rule to China.

It followed a protest march against a proposed extradition bill that would have allowed authorities to send individuals to face trial in mainland China, which adopts a different justice system.

During the trial, Wong said he was there solely to deliver chargers to journalists who were covering the break-in.

Video evidence played by the prosecution showed him leaving the chamber immediately after handing chargers to a reporter.

But the judge said on Thursday, Wong could have met the reporter outside the building, and pointed out that he took into account the actor's celebrity status, saying:

"With his fame, he could attract the attention of demonstrators, so as to promote, assist or encourage the riots."

Among the four convicted of rioting, one man was additionally found guilty of criminal damage.

While two reporters were acquitted of rioting but found guilty of unlawfully entering or staying in the building.

The verdict comes after eight others had already pleaded guilty to charges over the break-in.

Sentencing will take place later.

Those convicted of rioting face up to seven years in prison.