How actors transform their bodies for superhero roles

Playing a superhero requires actual physical strength to pull off the moves needed to sell a stunt. Dogpound's Kirk Myers worked with Noah Centineo as he prepared to play Atom Smasher alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson in DC's "Black Adam" (2022). Kirk focused on improving Noah's core and upper body strength, which improved his endurance and gave him an ideal muscular look. Balance is also a key skill when these roles require a lot of wire work for flying scenes, like when Elizabeth Olsen played Scarlet Witch in "WandaVision" (2021) and the "Avengers" films. Core strength combined with agility can give a performer superhuman kicks and punches in fight scenes, which is what trainer Eric Johnson did when working with Scarlett Johansson when she played Black Widow in "Captain America: Civil War." Thanks to Kirk's workouts, Noah gained 35 pounds of muscle and could even flip a 210-pound tire. Dogpound: Kirk Myers: