Ad Age Names Crossmedia to Its 2020 'Best Place to Work' List

Independent Media Agency Ranks No. 2 Among Companies With More Than 200 Employees

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In recognition of its diversity, inclusivity, and principled commitment to its employees, Crossmedia Inc. (XM) this week earned a spot on Ad Age's 2020 Best Places to Work list. An independent U.S. media agency, XM ranks second among companies with more than 200 employees.

Ad Age annually ranks the top 50 workplaces in the advertising, marketing, media, and ad tech industries. The list, released Jan. 13, is based on survey results from both employers and employees.

Crossmedia U.S. Co-Founder and CEO Kamran Asghar said he was thrilled by the honor, noting, "It's humbling to be recognized for doing the right things for the people who work so hard to drive our growth and success."

Asghar said his agency's culture reflects a commitment to three core principles: trust, reason, and the pursuit of happiness. "Our independence is everything," he continued. "It's the ultimate virtue because it allows us to think freely and continually build, adjust, align, flex, and evolve. We get better work and happier people because of that."

Crossmedia Inc., founded in the U.S. in 2000, has offices in New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Together with the Crossmedia family of agencies in Germany (since 1997) and in the UK (since 2017), the group has annual billings of more than $1 billion and employs more than 550 worldwide, including more than 200 in the U.S.

"Diversity is a core contributor to our success," Asghar said. Crossmedia in the U.S. is certified as a minority-owned business.

About 42% of U.S.-based Crossmedians identify as non-white, 56% identify as female, and 10% identify as LGBTQ. "Our 85% retention rate is the envy of the industry," Asghar said.

Crossmedia's business model is strictly based around its neutrality and 100% transparency. The agency pioneered operational transparency by refusing kickbacks and rebates, passing on any negotiated value to clients and with client contractual remuneration its only source of income.

"Crossmedia is the only media agency that operates in a truly transparent way on a global level," Asghar said.

In the workplace, Asghar said, his team has rigorously cultivated the same spirit of independence. "Of course, such freedom comes with a great deal of accountability. At Crossmedia, our employees must develop a framework to be able to push off and do the great things they want to do.

"We don't have a strict ladder or corporate mandate to act or be or do certain things. We constantly remind ourselves there's always a way to think broader, bigger, bolder, regardless of a person's situation or role," he said.

XM celebrated its win with impromptu luncheons in its three U.S. offices. "If your company is recognized as a Great Place to Work, it's only logical to start by thanking all of the team members who make it such an amazing place," Asghar said.

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Crossmedia is an independent full-service media agency with 8 offices in the US, Germany and London with annual billings of more than $1 billion and employing over 550 worldwide. Founded in 1997 in Germany and 2000 in the US, it is a pioneer in data-led and unbiased media solutions. With its self-imposed and third-party audited Transparency Report introduced in 2007, Crossmedia is the only media agency that operates in a truly transparent way on a global level. Crossmedia clients include BMW, Mini, Etihad Airways, Lidl, US Bank, Hertz, The Hartford, Nordstrom, New Era Caps, Lululemon and White Castle. For more visit,

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