Ad Meter 2021: Cheetos

Ad Meter: Mila Kunis steals Ashton Kutcher's Cheetos.

Video Transcript

- Did you steal my Cheetos again?

- Just tell him it wasn't you.

- But I caught you at the counter.

- It wasn't me.

- So you snacking on the sofa?

- It wasn't me.

- You even had them in the shower.

- It wasn't me.

- I even caught you on camera.

- You the one who granted access to your snacks. Don't act surprised that she sneak behind your back. You got to keep tabs before she emptied that bag. Let's review the situation. Are you [INAUDIBLE] red blood to keep you on such a [INAUDIBLE] better. If she asks where they are, you say forget her. Never admit to a word and please don't upset her, and if she keep on snacking, I guess you let her.

- Well, did you?

- Wasn't me.

- Oh. OK.

- Well, that's the first time that's ever worked.

- New Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix.