Ad Meter 2021: Rocket Mortgage

Ad Meter 2021: Rocket Mortgage, when you need to be certain Rocket can

Video Transcript


- We both love this place. Now what?

- I'm pretty sure we have everything in order.

- Pretty sure? With Rocket, you could be certain, not pretty sure.

- What's the difference?

- Well, let me show you.


- Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's all of them.


- Huh-- ah.

- Maybe not.



- I'm pretty sure this won't hurt.

- [? Get ?] [? some! ?]

- Uh.


- Pretty sure that's a figment of our imagination.


- I'm pretty sure we can park in Joey Bosa's spot.


That spot works too.

I'm pretty sure they come in peace.


- Ah!

- Ah!

- Let's do certain.

- Yeah, certain is better.

- When it comes to home buying, pretty sure isn't sure enough. Find the right mortgage with a local broker and Rocket technology. When you need to be certain, Rocket can.

- Come on.

- Wasn't me.