Adam Sandler discusses losing 25 pounds for his role in ‘Spaceman’

While at the "Spaceman" LA premiere, Adam Sandler revealed he dropped 25 pounds for the role because he was called "skinny human" on screen. But according to him, that wasn't even the most challenging part of filming.

Video Transcript

ADAM SANDLER: First of all, he called me skinny human. And so I had to drop like 25. I hated that. And then I was-- then I was in wires almost all day long. I didn't love that. But I liked Carey Mulligan. She was cool.

- Because the wires, are they like around you?

ADAM SANDLER: Oh, they dig into you. They got some weird little thing around here, they attach to that. Then all of a sudden they pull you up, you're floating. And people forget you're up there. They're talking about things. And you're like, we got to get going everybody. I'm up here for a long time. And it's digging into your sides and it's-- everyone else probably is good with it. I just have some weird body.