How To Make An Easter Bunny Mask For Memorable Easter Photos

Family photo ops call for a little DIY fun. Make this simple bunny mask for silly Easter memories for years to come.

<p>Laurey W. Glenn</p>

Laurey W. Glenn

When it comes to Easter fun, it's all about the memories. Though our homes may be freshly spring cleaned and adorned with gorgeous seasonal blooms in preparation for a beautiful and meaningful day, it's the family moments full of joy and the photos we use to capture them that stick with us through the years.

This holiday, spark smiles at your Easter brunch, egg hunt, and every celebration in between with a little homemade craft that comes together in a snap. Using just seven supplies you likely already have laying around your craft closet, you can create a silly photo prop that everyone will enjoy. You even might have to remind the adults give the kids a turn or two once the phone cameras come out. Here's how to make this simple Easter craft that's sure to brighten the day. Here's how you can create this simple bunny mask to create silly Easter memories for years to come.

What You Need

  • 2 plain white paper plates

  • Stapler

  • Scissors

  • Elmer's glue

  • 1 large Pixy stick or candy filled straw

  • Large paint swatches in Easter colors

  • Corrugated craft paper

  • Brown or tan hemp cord

  • White cotton balls

  • 5 different kinds of ribbon (½ yard each)

How To Make A DIY Easter Bunny Mask

Step 1: Prepare Paper Plates

Cut a hole (for the face) in the center of two paper plates. Staple the Pixy stick to the bottom of one plate, then staple the two plates together. It may take two or three staples to secure the Pixy stick.

<p>Laurey W. Glenn</p>

Laurey W. Glenn

Step 2: Create Ears

Cut out two matching ears from craft paper, then cut a slightly smaller shape from the paint swatches. Use Elmer's glue to attach the cut-out paint swatches to the ears. Position and staple the ears to the back of the paper plates.

<p>Laurey W. Glenn</p>

Laurey W. Glenn

Step 3: Add Final Touches To Mask

Gather hemp cord into two "bunches" to make whiskers.Use a dollop of glue to adhere whisker "bunch" to sides of paper plate (you can also use the stapler to help secure them).

Glue white cotton balls to cover the front side of the paper plate. Attach ribbons to the top of the Pixy stick, and your mask is complete.

<p>Laurey W. Glenn</p>

Laurey W. Glenn

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