Add USB-A and USB-C ports to your power outlets for $22 each

Maren Estrada

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Some of the things in your home need normal outlets for power, while others use charging cables with USB-A connectors. Then there are some newer devices that use USB-C instead, which is capable of charging your gear much more quickly. Wouldn’t it be great if the wall outlets in your house or apartment had all three different plugs so you could connect anything you want? Now they can. Check out the Leviton T5633-W 15-Amp Power Receptacle with Type A & Type-C USB Chargers on Amazon. They install just like any standard receptacles and they’re only $22 a piece.

Here are the highlights from the product page:

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  • SMART Built in smart chip recognizes the individual device’s charging requirements to optimize the charge
  • POWERFUL Two high powered charging ports deliver a combined total of 5.1 Ampere charging current and 25+ watts of power
  • CONVENIENT No more searching for charging adapters! Upgrade so you can charge electronics leaving the outlets free for additional power needs
  • THE FUTURE OF CHARGING USB Type C provides faster charging and is emerging as the standard port on many phones, tablets and laptops
  • ENHANCED SAFETY Built in over current protection helps protect electronics from receiving too much power, which can damage the device

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