Addressing UN General Assembly, Zelenskyy calls for creation of special tribunal to punish Russian Federation

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THURSDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER 2022, 01:28

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine called for a special tribunal to be set up to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

Source: Zelenskyy addressing the UN General Assembly

Quote: "A special tribunal should be created to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against our state. This will become a signal to all would-be aggressors that they must value peace or be held responsible by the world.

We have prepared precise steps to establish such a tribunal."

Details: Ukraine will appeal to the UN General Assembly to create a reparations mechanism, as Russia must pay with its own assets.

In addition, Zelenskyy laid out a five-point formula which, in his view, "punishes crime, protects life, restores security and territorial integrity, guarantees security, and provides ensures determination":

  • The crime of aggression and the violation of borders and territorial integrity must be punished. The punishment must be in place until the internationally recognised Ukrainian border is restored and until the aggression stops , and until the damages and losses caused by war are fully compensated. This involves sanctions, blocking trade and relations with the aggressor state, denying [it] the right to vote, depriving it of delegation rights and of the right to veto. It is also necessary to apply a full package of personal restrictions against propagandists. Citizens of the aggressor state should not be allowed to enjoy tourism or shopping in countries that value peace, but should be encouraged through visa restrictions to fight against the aggression.

  • Protection of life. Zelenskyy said that to protect the lives of Ukrainians, Ukraine needs help, including weapons, equipment and ammunition, as well as financial support.

  • Ensuring the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to Zelenskyy, it is necessary to remove the main cause of global price turbulence, namely energy blackmail by the Russian Federation, and to cap the prices at which Russia exports its energy resources.

  • Security guarantees for Ukraine. Zelenskyy noted that there are proposals to upgrade the security architecture for the world, which will not allow any more aggression against Ukraine, and these proposals are already being presented to Ukraine’s partners. These are intended to be legally binding multilateral and bilateral agreements.

  • The determination to fight and the determination of the world to defend itself.

Zelensky added that neutrality does not fit with this formula.

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