Adele reveals what she said during the Super Bowl when she became a 'constant meme,' and lip readers weren't far off

Adele poses in the press room during the Grammys on February 5, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
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  • Adele recently revealed what she really said in a viral video taken at the Super Bowl this year.

  • Cameras showed the singer talking about Rihanna prior to the halftime show at the big game.

  • Adele joked at a recent performance that it's "hard work being a constant meme."

There were many celebrities in attendance at Super Bowl LVII in Arizona earlier this month, but none drew quite as much attention as Adele.

During the broadcast, cameras panned to Adele sitting and chatting in the stands during the game. The clip soon went viral, with a tweet declaring the moment the "new Adele meme" reaching 7.4 million views on Saturday.

Lip readers across the internet immediately got to work decoding what the "Easy on Me" singer was talking about. One of the most popular guesses quotes Adele as saying, "She'll have some weed and be like 'Mmmm.' She'll be fab, she'll be fab,' referring to Rihanna's halftime performance.


As it turns out, the internet got it right. According to a video shared by Pop Crave, Adele told the audience at a recent performance what the cameras caught her saying.

"Everyone was texting me a meme of myself ... I was saying, 'She's gonna be fine, she's gonna, like, have some weed and be fine,' but clearly, she couldn't have any weed because she was pregnant!"


The vocalist, who kicked off her Las Vegas residency in November, also joked that her expressive face is what makes her so memeable.

"It's hard work being a constant meme ... Everytime I step out the house," she said. "Maybe it's because I don't have anything, like I don't have any Botox or anything. My face just moves so much, I don't know what it is."

Adele wasn't the only one shocked to find out about Rihanna's second pregnancy — many people working closely with the "Diamonds" singer didn't even know until weeks before the Super Bowl.

Rihanna's stylist, Jahleel Weaver, told Vogue Tuesday that he couldn't believe the revelation.

"She finally told me when we were reviewing sketches, and I was like, 'Is this a joke?'" he said.

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