ADN Politics podcast: How the Alaska Legislature finally reached a budget deal -- and what it means

May 20—Each week, host Elizabeth Harball talks with ADN journalists and others about some of Alaska's biggest news stories. Subscribe here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

It took marathon negotiations behind closed doors, strained relationships between lawmakers, tens of millions of dollars in additional capital spending and a one-day special session, but this week, the Alaska Legislature managed to pass a budget.

In this episode, host Elizabeth Harball talks with ADN reporters Sean Maguire and Iris Samuels in Juneau for the inside story on how Alaska lawmakers got to a deal.

Note: ADN Politics is taking a break after this episode. We'll return in June.

Host: Elizabeth Harball. Guests: Iris Samuels and Sean Maguire. Produced Zachariah Hughes and Evan Phillips. Editor: David Hulen.


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