ADN Politics podcast: Election Day in Alaska is over. What just happened? And what happens next?

Nov. 10—Each week, host Elizabeth Harball talks with ADN journalists and others about some of Alaska's biggest news stories. Subscribe here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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A lot remains up in the air after election day in Alaska. But as vote counts rolled in, some clear storylines emerged — a ballot measure to hold a constitutional convention was soundly defeated, Gov. Mike Dunleavy appeared to have the votes to retain office, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was in a good position to fend off her Trump-backed challenger and Rep. Mary Peltola, the first Alaska Native elected to Congress, benefited from the wave of support that followed her victory in the special election.

Host Elizabeth Harball talks to ADN reporters Iris Samuels and Sean Maguire about early results and ongoing uncertainties as the state continues to count ballots in its first regularly scheduled, ranked choice general election.

Host: Elizabeth Harball. Guests: Iris Samuels and Sean Maguire. Produced by Elizabeth Harball, Zachariah Hughes and Evan Phillips. Editor: David Hulen.


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