This Adorable Mattress Ad Featuring Gay Couples Angered Conservatives


An adorable new ad from organic mattress and pillow company Avocado features two same-gender couples, and it's pissing off some conservative viewers.

The 30-second commercial states “Love is Pure … And Natural” while several different families lounge comfortably in bed. It all feels pretty innocent, but has sent One Million Moms (actually a misnomer) specifically into a spiral.

The group sent out an email blast to their (hundreds? dozens??) followers that states, “The newest commercial for organic mattresses not only promotes same-sex relationships by including a lesbian couple and a homosexual couple who are both very much together and cuddling, but also glamorizes it by being misleading." It continues, "There is great concern about the way this advertisement is pushing the LGBTQ agenda especially when children are likely to be watching television. To make matters worse, this advertisement has aired during family viewing time."


We, as well as Avocado, remain unbothered.

Earlier today, the company tweeted, "Avocado wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible contributions of our many LGBTIQA+ employees and customers. We will always proudly stand by them and support the rights of the broader LGBTIQA+ community."

We appreciate the support!

Watch the adorable ad below: