These Adorable Planter Bookends Are the 2-in-1 Decor We Didn’t Know We Needed

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Move over dogs—house plants may have taken the top spot as "man's best friend." If you've picked up a few green friends over the last year spent at home, you're definitely not alone. Plants are an amazing way to brighten up any space, and some even have the ability to purify the air. As much as we love them for interior design, it can be hard to find a place for them—especially if your collection has grown to more than just a few. Enter the cutest piece of decor we didn't know we needed: planter bookends.

- 46.00 Available at Etsy

These cute little pots work exactly as you'd expect. The planters are shaped like bookends, making them perfect to cap any shelf. Bonus: there are ample options on Etsy for less than $50. This STAK Editor Planter Bookend is 6 ½- by 6- by 6 ¼-inches, so it fits snugly on even a small shelf. Plus, it has a built-in riser that provides a space for the plant to drain, sparing your books and decor from any damage. It comes in a white color with a stylish gloss speckle glaze.

- 34.02 Available at Etsy

If you need something a little smaller but equally sturdy, try the Cube Concrete Planter Bookend. It comes in six solid color options, including Rose Gold and Natural Gray, and six multi-colored options. Our personal favorite is the Black & Gold. Starting at $34, these bookends are not only cute but also downright affordable.

These planter bookends are a great way to upgrade your style and show off your chlorophyll-filled friends. Get yours today to spruce up your shelf or to gift to a friend—we have a feeling they won't last long.