Adventist Health hospitals to honor COVID-19 victims Friday night

Adventist Health hospitals are remembering the lives lost to COVID-19 in the Central Valley and across the country on the one-year anniversary of California's first stay-at-home order.

Video Transcript

BRIAN JOHNSON: On Friday night, blue lights will be cast on the front of four Adventist Health hospitals, including Hanford. A moment of silence will also be held. All to remember the lives lost to COVID-19 in the Central Valley and across the country on the one year anniversary of California's first stay-at-home order.

GURVINDER KAUR: So we're just remembering them today. We want to have a safe and a beautiful and a, you know, a peaceful way to say today is the one year anniversary.

BRIAN JOHNSON: Dr. Gurvinder Kaur, medical officer for Adventist Health in the Central Valley, says as of Friday, there are approximately 20 COVID-19 patients being treated at the four hospitals. That's a dramatic decrease from the winter surge that overwhelmed many California medical facilities.

GURVINDER KAUR: We had more than 100, sometimes close to 150 patients that had COVID in the high surges of January.

BRIAN JOHNSON: Kaur says we're not out of the woods yet. And there are concerns surrounding spring break travel and gatherings, but she believes the vaccine is our hope for brighter and healthier days ahead. Adventist Health is now offering the shot to eligible patients at its clinics, including those with high-risk medical conditions. As for hospital staff, Kaur says they're finally beginning to breathe easier.

GURVINDER KAUR: Our frontline has gone through a lot. But now, finally, they're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I thank them every day for the extra work that they took on during this time. This was not easy for anybody.

BRIAN JOHNSON: The lights will turn blue at 8 o'clock tonight. In Hanford, Brian Johnson. ABC 30, Action News.