Adventure Time - Frost & Fire DVD Review

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero

It seems like you can never have enough Adventure Time. A new collection has been released containing of the top viewed episode, "Frost & Fire". This was the episode Finn had some interesting dreams and gets Flame Princess and Ice King to fight each other. If you're one of the few that hasn't seen it, this disc is perfect for you.

With Adventure Time, you have your choice in the different collections. The episodes are released by season as well as these assorted collections. What I really like about this collection is the mix of episodes from different seasons.

It's likely that if you're an Adventure Time fan, you've already seen these episodes. Of course owning the disc allows you to watch whenever you want without interruptions. As for what's contained on the disc, you can watch (or re-watch) the following episodes:

  • Frost & Fire (S5E30) - Finn is trying to get his girlfriend, Flame Princess, to fight the Ice King.
  • Earth & Water (S5E32) - Ice King moves into the treehouse while his kingdom is rebuilt. Flame Princess finds out about her past.
  • Jake the Brick (S6E20) - Jake decides to be a brick in an old shack in the woods. This leads to him being a radio star.
  • The Prince Who Wanted Everything (S6E9) - With Fionna and Cake. Lumpy Space Princess insists Ice King reads a story about Fionna and Cake and Lumpy Space Prince.
  • Something Big (S6E10) - Maja the Sky Witch gets Daren the Ancient Sleeper to attack Candy Kingdom.
  • Return to the Nightosphere (S4E5) - Finn and Jake awake locked up in the Nightosphere. They have to to figure out how they got there.
  • Daddy’s Little Monster (S4E6) - Continued from “Return to the Nightosphere.”
  • Joshua & Margaret Investigations (S6E16) - It’s Jake’s birthday. Finn and BMO get him to tell a story about when he was born.
  • Davey (S5E7) - After defeating a dragon and saving several citizens from Candy Kingdom, everyone wants to thank him and won’t leave him alone. He creates an alter ego, Davey Johnson.
  • The Pit (S5E41) - Jake is kidnapped when mistaken for his dad in a revenge scheme.
  • Freak City (S1E20) - Finn accidentally helps Magic Man. As thanks, Finn is turned into an enormous foot.
  • Memories of Boom Boom Mountain (S1E10) - After roughhousing with a bunch of marauders, Finn notices a crying mountain forced to watch.
  • James (S5E42) - Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and James, one of Bubblegum’s candymen, go out exploring to see about expanding out to other territories. Things don’t go too well.
  • Time Sandwich (S5E33) - Jake makes the perfect sandwich. What will the appearance of Magic Man mean for Finn and Jake…and the sandwich?
  • Apple Thief (S3E11) - Finn and Jake go to Tree Trunks to get some apples but someone stole them all. It’s up to Finn and Jake to figure out who the culprit is.
  • Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe (S6E13) - Ice King goes on a road trip with Abracadaniel and others.

There's just a lot of variety in the show. The episodes will make you laugh. Some will make you scratch your head as you try to figure out what just happened or how the creators/writers come up with everything. The nice thing about these sort of collections is you can basically just dive right in and not worry too much about where the episodes fit in the overall continuity. There's not usually a strong emphasis placed on continuity. It does start out with Finn being with Flame Princess but other than that, you don't have to really worry about what has or hasn't happened yet. That makes this a great gift for the new or young Adventure Time fan.

This Frost & Fire collection is in stores today with a retail price of $19.82. The run time is 176 minutes so you'll definitely get your money's worth. Plus the fact these are some really great episodes. The question is, of the sixteen episodes here, which is your favorite?

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