Aerial circus act malfunctions at South Carolina State Fair, video shows

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It’s called the “Wheel of Destiny,” and it’s a high-flying, moving circus trick that derailed at The State Fair on Oct. 16, video shows.

The circus act, which involves a performer moving in and between two larger wheels suspended in the air, broke a cable at the 4:30 performance, and the wheels nearly crashed into the audience, a video of the incident shows. The performer falls and tumbles out of the way of the large metal contraption.

The fair’s general manager, Nancy Smith, said a defective bracket caused the wheel to shift sideways.

“The safety lines that were put in place as a backup did their job and prevented anyone from being hurt,” Smith said. “The 7:30pm show went on as scheduled. The performer is good and is continuing to perform.”

The fair’s website says that the performer in the “Wheel of Destiny” is 28-year-old Carlos Morales of Argentina. He’s been performing the circus act for 10 years.

Columbia’s WACH also reported on the malfunction.

North American Midway Entertainment installs and inspects the rides at the fair. The company was not involved with setting up the circus performance or its equipment, spokesman Lynda Franc confirmed. But she said it was important for North American Midway to speak to the safety of the rides nonetheless.

“In regards to midway ride safety, North American Midway Entertainment has always and will continue to make safety our number one priority,” Franc said. “The rides are inspected not only by local safety authorities, but also by a third-party inspector that we hire to ensure the highest safety standards are met.”

Inspections of rides happen daily and bi-annually, Franc said.

“What it comes down to is would we put our own family members on these rides?” she said. “And the answer is always yes.”

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