‘Afghanistan can't be sacrificed in peace process’

There is a massive scope for hope but no concrete plan, Afghanistan's first vice-president says.

Video Transcript

- No, no, no. Please do not be you know, a negative disciple of what I say. I say we are ready for compromise, but we don't want the Constitution of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic to be the sacrificial goat for a very crude peace process.

- Yeah, but to be realistic, the plan on the table you are not prepared to accept. You are not prepared to accept sharing power with the Taliban. You only talk of elections.

- Well--


- Which the Taliban will not accept. Your persuade me that there's any scope--


- No, there is massive scope for hope. There this is a very rare window of opportunity with US. So deeply involved to bring peace. But what is on the table is an idea.

It's not a concrete plan. It's an idea for discussion, and we are ready to discuss every aspect of it. But, you know, nothing concrete has been put on the table. We are going to Turkey with sincerity, with seriousness, and with conviction to bring peace.

We don't want to be on the way of peace. The ball is now in the court of the Taliban, the side of the Taliban to agree to a political settlement, they have not. All they insist on as US withdrawal victory of their so-called Jihadism and Madrasa culture. That's not going to happen in Afghanistan with or without the United States being here Taliban dictatorship will not be established in my--