Afghans criticize U.S. airstrikes

Kabul residents on Monday (August 30) criticized recent airstrikes launched by the United States.

A drone attack on Sunday (August 29) hit a suicide bomber who was aiming to attack Kabul airport, the Pentagon said.

But a Taliban spokesman claimed the strike had also killed civilians.

This man is saying that a house was hit and five or six people inside had died adding that neighbors gathered at the site were "distraught".

U.S. Central Command said it was investigating reports that civilians were killed.

U.S. forces are working to complete a withdrawal that ends two decades of military involvement in Afghanistan.

As that operation has been underway, Islamic State has carried out attacks.

A huge suicide bombing on Thursday (August 26) outside the gates of Kabul's airport killed scores of Afghans and 13 U.S. troops.

Early on Monday, U.S. anti-missile defenses intercepted as many as five rockets fired at the airport, an official said.

That attack was also claimed by Islamic State.

On Saturday (August 28) the U.S. carried out a drone strike in the eastern Nangarhar province, killing two Islamic State militants.

The Taliban said two women and a child were wounded in that attack.

In Kabul on Monday, some accused the United States of sacrificing Afghans to pursue its own interests.

Resident Borhan Nezami said the U.S. does not have a "legal license" to carry out attacks in Afghanistan "arbitrarily".

People in the capital are also grappling with economic turbulence following the sudden collapse of the government.

On Monday large crowds formed outside banks.

after the Taliban imposed limits on the amounts people could withdraw.

Prices for commodities including flour, oil, and rice are rapidly rising, while the currency is plunging.

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