Africa's week in pictures: 1-7 October 2021

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A selection of the best photos from the African continent and beyond.

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Members of an acrobatic band perform at Eagle Square in Abuja, Nigeria during the celebration for the country's 61st year of independence on Friday 1 October. There are a group of acrobats dressed elaborately with white face paint and wrapped in a large Nigerian flag jumping in a huddle. They look very happy and lively.
On Friday Nigerians celebrate as the country marks its 61st year of independence from British rule...
Member of acrobatic band smiling for a picture as Nigeria marked its 61st year of independence in Abuja. She is wearing intricate white face paint with dots down her nose, cheeks and around her eyebrows. She has on a multi-coloured beaded headband and is wearing red lipstick. She looks happy.
This woman is part of an acrobatic display band performing in the capital, Abuja...
Two acrobatic boys performing in Abuja. They are wearing green and white outfits - the colours of the Nigerian flag - with stars on them. one boy is holding another with just one hand above his head. They are both saluting. They have white face paint on and a serious expression.
Many Nigerians take to Twitter under the hashtag #NigeriaAt61...
Lively photo of tribal dancers wearing colourful clothing. There is a man in a traditional red outfit with a head dress. He is dancing with a stick and his arms are open wide. A woman opposite him is wearing a yellow outfit and is also dancing. There is a crowd dressed in colourful clothing behind him.
The following day Sudanese performers dance to welcome a conference delegation in Khartoum.
A woman competitor of the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert in Morocco is stroking a camel. There is a vast space of sand behind her. A man with a black turban is also in the shot.
On the same day in Morocco a woman strokes a camel on the eve of the Marathon des Sables - which sees competitors run 250km (150 miles) through the Sahara desert in seven days...
Marathon runners in running gear racing up a sand dune at incline. There are sand dunes in the background as well as relatively clear skies.
On Sunday the race kicks off and runners hit the sand dunes.
Large crowd of Ethiopians celebrating with some people carrying giant Ethiopia flags. The people in the crowd look jubilant and excited.
On Monday, crowds gather in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa to celebrate the swearing-in of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed...
Ethiopia's newly sworn in Prime Minister waving to a crowd of people dressed in traditional clothing. One person is waving an Ethiopia flag. Abiy Ahmed is on an elevated stage with yellow draping. He is also accompanied with other people on the stage.
Mr Abiy, right, has introduced numerous reforms, and become embroiled in a civil war, since coming to power in 2018...
Smiling Ethiopian women dressed in traditional clothing celebrating the swearing in of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. They are part of a much larger crowd it seems. They are wearing intricate head accessories. They all look very happy.
But there is a jubilant atmosphere amongst those present.
A group of women in colourful clothing walking in a line on the side of a road. They are on a dirt pavement. They are wearing traditional long dresses with hijabs. Their surroundings look rural.
Back to Sudan on Tuesday, and a group of women walk in protest against a peace agreement signed between the government and rebel forces in 2020.
Idris Elba poses with his wife Sabrina and his daughter. All three are smiling against a blue backdrop. Idris is wearing a smart suit.
Over in London on Wednesday, actor Idris Elba and his Somali-Canadian model wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba attend The Harder They Fall film world premier.
A man running in the Sahara. Most of the photo shows the arid desert in the background with a rocky landscape and it is sandy all over.
Back in Morocco this man is still running the Marathon des Sables - he's on day four of the race.
Man with a mobile fruit stall walking past a large street art mural. The mural shows two women. One is an elderly woman who is smiling. She has on a blue headdress and traditional neck adornments, the other lady is younger. She is pouting and has some white face paint on
On the same day a fruit seller walks past a street art mural in Johannesburg...
A woman at a protest in Johannesburg standing next to man and a crowd in the background. The people are wearing all red. The woman has her fist in the air and appears to be shouting. She is carrying a banner which says: "decent work equals fair income."
In the same city on Thursday protestors take to the streets over South Africa's economic policies.
Three books are in view, they include the titles: Admiring Silence and Paradiset. The books are displayed on a table
Meanwhile Tanzania-born author Abdulrazak Gurnah's books are on display in Stockholm, after winning the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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