The Aftermath Of A Chicago Mass Shooting Leaving One Dead And Several Injured

CBS 2's Meredith Barack reports people were gathered for a celebration of life for a man who was the victim of gun violence. But who owns the business, and why the shooting happened are two questions we are still trying to get answers to.

Video Transcript

- Now to another mass shooting in Chicago. Our cameras were there as police found one of the guns used during that attack in Wrightwood. It left one person dead, seven others injured. And the moment shots were fired, all caught on camera. CBS 2's Meredith Barack joins us live now. Meredith, they have a lot of evidence in this case.

MEREDITH BARACK: Yeah, Brad, a lot of evidence and no arrests tonight. People tell us the place where this mass shooting happened is a problematic party spot. They also tell us the people who were there were gathered celebrating the life of a man who was also the victim of gun violence.

- This place is a problem.

MEREDITH BARACK: That's what a woman who asked to remain anonymous said about 2515 West 79th Street in Wrightwood. It was the scene of an overnight mass shooting that left a 26-year-old man dead and seven others injured.

- They do a lot of arguing and, you know, fighting and stuff like that. But they don't-- there's never been no shooting or nothing like that. This is the first time.

MEREDITH BARACK: She says she doesn't know much about the business, but says there are parties there regularly. Michelle Chambers, whose 28-year-old son was shot in the abdomen overnight, showed us this picture of him from his hospital bed and says a party was exactly what was happening.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: They said they was here celebrating one of his friend's memorial that had been shot.

MEREDITH BARACK: While she wasn't familiar with the place, she believes they rented it for the event. There was currently no active business license for the location, but we're told a dance company often uses this space.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: They was here having a good time. They was getting ready to leave. A young lady came to the door. She looked-- came in and looked around. And she stepped out and shots just started.

MEREDITH BARACK: Chambers says her son will be OK, but her heart is heavy about the whole situation.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: One of his friends, the one that passed away, that was a friend of my son's. And I feel really bad for his mom right now. I'm tired. I'm so tired of this. I really am. I am. The guns-- the killing needs to stop.

MEREDITH BARACK: Several of those victims recovering at area hospitals tonight. They range in age from 22 to 41. Reporting live outside CPD headquarters, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS 2 News.

- Meredith, thank you.