AG Barr calls coronavirus restrictions 'draconian,' says they should be reevaluated next month

Nicholas Wu, USA TODAY
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    Earth to Barr: the reason governors and mayors across the country issued stay-at-home orders was to prevent even more people from dying from Covid-19. While the president was busy telling people this was nothing more than the flu, several governors and mayors listened to doctors and scientists - and thank goodness they had the courage to do what needed to be done. If they hadn't acted early on, our hospitals would be devastated and our lives would have been impacted even more. So please don't tell us you're concerned about our well being. Once health professionals give the green light we will emerge from our protective cocoons and follow their sound advice, not that of you and those who deny reality.
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    Each state has a time to review the restrictions they have placed on their population just as the President has from a federal standpoint. Draconian would be if states were shooting or caning people for breaking state at home orders. In a country of laws, states have the right to choose the requirements on their population. In response, the citizens have a right to vote their elected officials in and out. The population have a right to take them to court.
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    Advisors Instruct William Barr To Avoid Referring To Trump As ‘My Liege’ During Interviews
    WASHINGTON—Advisors to Donald Trump’s attorney general William Barr reportedly instructed him Wednesday to avoid referring to the president as “my liege” in any public statements. “Mr. Barr, we recommend you eliminate the phrase ‘His Excellency’ from your vocabulary altogether,” said Chief Advisor Graham Johnson, who urged Barr to maintain an appearance of impartiality by abstaining from lying prostrate on the floor and muttering “long may he reign” whenever the president’s name was mentioned. “We want to make sure you don’t appear bias regarding presidential authority, so to that end, calling him ‘The President’ or simply ‘Mr. Trump’ is sufficient—there’s no need to add titles like ‘The Most High, Most Sacred, Most Powerful.’ Additionally, we’d suggest you keep any opinions about Trump having been ordained from on high by God himself close to the vest.” Johnson further cautioned Barr that it could lead to poor optics if he greeted Trump during their next meeting by kissing the hem of the president’s pant leg and swearing his undying fealty to the one true ruler.
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    Michael A
    Barr said the federal government would be "keeping a careful eye on" states' use of broad powers to regulate the lives of their citizens. Remember when the Republican Party was all about States Rights and Limited Federal Government? I do.
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    David T
    “Draconian” says the guy who is recommending that law enforcement be allowed to detain people indefinitely without court proceedings in times of crisis.
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    Trump's personal attorney has about as much medical knowledge as a burger flipper at McDonalds.
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    notice how all trump's administration now have medical degrees without completing required schooling
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    Barr says "Trump made the right decision in issuing strict social distancing guidelines." What? Trump thought it was a hoax.
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    "Alternative ways of protecting people" or alternative ways of making sure the wealthiest no longer have to participate in saving peoples' lives? Why should they care about anybody but themselves, anyway, right?
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    Where was Barr when Trump said he'd like to see the FCC void the broadcast license of CNBC and others when they said things about Trump that he didn't like?