AG: Gun show promoter to bar 'ghost gun' assembly kit sales

Officials say the kits produce untraceable "ghost guns" increasingly popular among criminals

Video Transcript

JOSH SHAPIRO: They are sold without a background check. They are uncrackable. They are untraceable. And they are becoming the weapon of choice for criminals on the streets of Philadelphia.

WALTER PEREZ: Today, surrounded by state officials and local law enforcement, Shapiro announced details of an agreement his office reached with Eagle Arms Production, the biggest gun show promoter in the country, Eagle Arms agreeing to no longer allow the sale of those so-called 80% receiver kits at any of their shows.

JOSH SHAPIRO: That is the first time we are aware of in this nation that a gun show operator has partnered with law enforcement to stop the sale of these dangerous 80% receiver kits.

WALTER PEREZ: Surveillance operations tracked the purchases of those kits during a recent gun show in Berks County hosted by Eagle Arms to the recovery of 10 fully functional guns and partially assembled firearms in Philadelphia earlier this month. But Eagle Arms is not the only gun show promoter organizing events in Pennsylvania. State Senator Vincent Hughes has this message to the organizations that still allow the sale of these firearm kits.

VINCENT HUGHES: Hopefully others will follow and do what they can to replicate what has been-- what can be, what has the possibility of being a transformational change in terms of moving guns off the street.

WALTER PEREZ: Meanwhile, the numbers in Philadelphia are absolutely alarming. 99 ghost guns were recovered in Philadelphia in 2019. 250 were recovered last year in 2020. And with less than three months into 2021, police have already recovered 80 ghost guns in Philadelphia. Reporting live from the satellite center, Walter Perez, Channel 6 Action News. Sharrie?

- Yeah, let's see if more sellers will follow suit here. Walter, thank you.