New Agers Fear Large Hadron Collider Will Trap Them in a Past Dimension

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

A new TikTok conspiracy theory posits that a particle accelerator will soon send the entire world into a new dimension, prompting TikTok users to warn each other to prepare for the metaphysical shift.

On this week’s episode of Fever Dreams, host Will Sommer and guest host Andrew Kirell discuss the growing New Age movement on TikTok to abstain from drinking and other “low vibration” activities ahead of the dimension-jump. If they don’t, they fear they’ll be caught in a past universe when the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland fires up this week.

“There is a growing New Age movement that believes that if you had an alcoholic beverage on July 4, there is a good chance you may be stuck in this dimension when we all jump to the new one,” Sommer said.

Among the signs of a dimension jump, according to TikTok users: noticing the “Mandela effect,” a phenomenon of misremembering things, like thinking that “Febreze” is spelled “Febreeze.”

“It’s because we’re traveling between different dimensions and every time you remember something differently, it’s because you hopped to a different dimension,” Kirell said. “And really, all this is just people’s inability to process nostalgia.”

Also on the podcast, Sommer and Kirell discuss new reporting from CNN that Kristina Karamo, a Republican secretary of state nominee in Michigan, thinks demonic possession can be transferred through sex.

“There’s a new demon-sex controversy,” Sommer said.

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Elsewhere on the episode, author Baynard Woods talks about his new book, Inheritance, an investigation into his family’s history in white supremacy. The Fever Dreams hosts also discuss a nationwide network of election-deniers spreading their message at the local level.

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