AG's office files civil suit to stop unregistered charity's solicitations

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Sep. 12—The Attorney General's Office has filed an injunction to stop a small foundation from raising money, saying the foundation is not registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit, though it has been soliciting donations as if they were tax-deductible.

According to a news release from the Attorney General's Office, an organization called the Fab Family Fund has been soliciting donations to support vacations for breast cancer survivors and their families.

The Attorney General's Office said the fund has been soliciting donations by saying they are a registered nonprofit, and that donations would be tax-deductible.

But the fund is not recognized as a nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service, so donations are not tax-deductible.

The fund has not registered with the state either, and has not responded to requests for information from the Attorney General's Office.

The fund's website and Facebook page were not functioning on Saturday.

The Attorney General's Office has filed a civil action in Rockingham Superior Court, seeking to stop the Fab Family Fund and its board members from soliciting donations.

The office also alleges the fund has broken four laws around charities in New Hampshire, and is seeking a total of $40,000 in civil penalties from the fund.

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