Agua Dulce fire station shooting suspect identified

The Agua Dulce firefighter who apparently shot and killed a fellow firefighter, wounded another and then killed himself has been identified.

Video Transcript

JOSH HASKELL: Yeah. And David, the identity of that suspect was just released. His name, Jonathan Patrick Tatone. He's now deceased. No surprise that Station 81 behind me has been deserted all day. Just take a look. Only a private security guard here. The station is not in operation as the investigation continues.

The entire LA County Fire Department and communities of Agua Dulce in Acton are in shock after the safety of one of their firehouses was broken. Station 81 lost two firefighters in the shooting and one of their captains is in the hospital. 44-year-old Tory Carlin was gunned down by another Station 81 firefighter while at work. The suspect, who was off duty at the time, was in an ongoing dispute with a co-worker, according to sources. The suspect died by suicide after lighting his Acton home on fire.

- They want to interview everybody. They want to gather all the information, the physical evidence, the witness interviews, suspect interview. In this case, we don't have one. And we want to get a full-- all their digital footprints, social media. We don't want to get an understanding of what motivated this attack, which is just unheard of.

JOSH HASKELL: Tuesday night, a procession of vehicles on the 14 freeway carrying Carlin's body, a beloved firefighter specialist with the department for 20 years. A GoFundMe has been set up to support Carlin's wife and three kids. Investigators worked late into the night at the suspect's Acton home Tuesday. Wednesday, all that remained was the destroyed home and a community asking why.

SAMIR IBRAHIM: Working with somebody, whenever-- whatever happened between you and him, but to go that far to kill--

KATHY GARRISON: This is such a beautiful, quiet community. It is so worth living here. We have police officers. We have firefighters. We have utility workers. We have everyday people who live here. And you just have to wonder why someone would want to end someone's life.

JOSH HASKELL: The LA County Fire Captain remains in critical, but stable, condition at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and is expected to survive.

KATHY GARRISON: It was really sad. It was very shocking. And I just wish that this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

JOSH HASKELL: And that GoFundMe is up to $80,000 of it's $100,000 goal. We have a link to that GoFundMe on our website,