Ah, the memories: These are the closed restaurants you miss most in Matthews, Mint Hill

Every now and then, something sparks your nostalgia and you take a trip down memory lane. One of those trips through the Matthews area led us to ask what now-closed restaurants there do you miss the most?

You stepped in to share the places in Matthews and Mint Hill that meant something to you — some of which have been long gone, and some of which only recently closed. As we compiled your responses, it made us a bit wistful, too.

So, step back in time with us and take a look. Here are the now-closed places you miss most in Matthews and Mint Hill:

Beantown Tavern

Location: 130 Matthews Station St, Matthews, NC 28105

Beantown Tavern, a Boston-themed bar in downtown Matthews where you could gather to watch a game or listen to live music, shut its doors on Jan. 16, 2022. “Thanks for the MEMORIES!,” a Facebook post from the restaurant’s team said.

Readers shared:

  • “I missed everything: good friends, owner, music. Best place in town,” Nina Kustina said.

  • Mike Millie also chimed to list Beantown Tavern on Facebook as a spot he missed.

Birra Burger

Location: 929 Park Center Dr #101, Matthews, NC 28105

Birra Burger, which served up gourmet burgers and fries, closed in 2022. Now, Sizzle: Authentic Asian Food has moved into its space, serving dumplings, ramen and other Asian dishes.

A reader shared:

  • “Burgers,” is what Marta Castro said she missed. (We’re with you, Marta.)

Happy’s Grill

Location: 9229 Lawyers Rd, Mint Hill, NC 28227

Brunch restaurant Happy’s Grill was once nestled in the Lawyers Square Shopping Center, where its specialties included pancakes, French toast and even breakfast quesadillas. It closed in 2023.

A reader shared:

  • “The food, the staff, great memories with family and friends,” Jane Dunne said.

Jimmie’s Restaurant

Location: 7024 Brighton Park Dr, Mint Hill, NC 28227

Jimmie’s Restaurant closed back in 2014, when Todd Clark posted on Facebook, “Today was their last day! I’ve been going there since 1980! It was a great place to go and the staff was great too.”

A reader shared:

  • “Lots of vegetables, good home cooking, varied menu,” Carol S. said.

Moe’s Original BBQ

Location: Depot Shopping Center, 111 Matthews Station St Suite B, Matthews, NC 28105

Moe’s Original BBQ once served up Alabama-style pulled pork, cornbread and banana pudding. In 2022, Moo & Brew took over the space to begin renovations on a new location there.

Readers shared:

  • “Best BBQ and sides in the area,” John wrote.

  • “Better food, better prices vs. the local chains. Had more sides, desserts, etc. Best smoked wings!” Brett said.

Pizza Peel

Location: Depot Shopping Center, 110 Matthews Station St, Matthews, NC 28105

Pizza Peel closed in December 2022 to make way for a Flying Biscuit Cafe restaurant to take its place. At the time, owner Will Bigham said, “As the owner and operator of the other two locations in Charlotte, I believe that this concept will be a better fit for the Matthews community.”

Readers shared:

  • “We need family friendly, easy outdoor options for dinner! Their covered patio was awesome,” a reader who identified themselves as KRT said.

  • Good atmosphere. Outside spot to watch games,” another reader wrote.

  • Mary Jane Kelley noted she missed Pizza Peel, as well.

The Pizza Peel’s Matthews location closed, and a Flying Biscuit Cafe took its place.
The Pizza Peel’s Matthews location closed, and a Flying Biscuit Cafe took its place.


Location: 11025 Monroe Rd Matthews, NC 28105

Roscoe’s opened in 1983 and operated in the spot where Your Mom’s Donuts is now located in Matthews. The full-service restaurant and bar had an extensive menu, including soups, salad, sandwiches, pizza and home-style entrees including beef tenderloin bites and spaghetti.

A reader shared:

  • “Only the OGs will remember Roscoe’s,” Lauren Borchert said.

Taste of Europe

Location: 10915 Monroe Rd, Matthews, NC 28105

Taste of Europe sat in the spot where East 74 Family Dining now operates. The menu of Polish favorites included perogies, cabbage rolls and potato pancakes.

A reader shared:

  • “The pierogis.”

    Enough said.

When it was open, Taste of Europe in Matthews offered pan-fried pierogi with butter and onions.
When it was open, Taste of Europe in Matthews offered pan-fried pierogi with butter and onions.