Ahead Of Thanksgiving, Metuchen Mayor Focuses On COVID Safety

Sarah Salvadore
·2 min read

METUCHEN, NJ — With COVID-19 cases on the rise across the state, Metuchen mayor Jonathan M. Busch has asked residents to scale down on Thanksgiving celebration and take appropriate steps before attending a family gathering.

“According to this 'COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool' created by two Georgia Tech professors, attending a gathering next week of 10 people in Middlesex County puts an individual at 12 percent risk of contracting the virus. A gathering of 25 people would grow your risk up to 28 percent,” Busch said in a Facebook post.

In the past week, the borough doubled its efforts to stop the spread of the virus. On Nov. 9, free mask mailboxes and hand sanitizer stations were installed in two downtown locations. Those in need of a mask or hand sanitizer can get them at the location.

These mailboxes and stations will be regularly restocked, and are located on both sides of Main Street, in front of the Manasquan Bank drive thru.

Meanwhile, Busch is asking residents to focus on safety for Thanksgiving.

“At this point, many of us have come to accept that this holiday season may not look the way it normally would," he said. Busch asked those who still plan on having guests for a “scaled back” Thanksgiving, to talk about the need for guests to quarantine and/or take extra measures to limit exposure to the virus between now and then.

“Doing so will help protect you, your guests and your community,” he said.

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This article originally appeared on the Edison-Metuchen Patch