AHN Clinic Now Includes Those In Phase 1C

Thousands of people waiting to be vaccinated can sign up to get the Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine at a clinic on Friday and Saturday in Monroeville.

Video Transcript

KEN RICE: Well thousands of people waiting to be vaccinated can sign up to get a dose tomorrow or Saturday. A lot of appointments available. And for this clinic, the rules just changed. Jessica Guay joins us live to explain. Jessica.

JESSICA GUAY: Yes, Ken, thousands of appointments are available right now, and you can even sign up if you fall under phase 1C. AHN says it will be the largest clinic in the region so far to provide the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 13,000 Pennsylvanians can get ready to roll up their sleeves.

Really, at this point, we need to get everybody vaccinated.

JESSICA GUAY: A COVID-19 vaccine clinic is set for Friday and Saturday at Next Tier Connect in Monroeville, hosted by Allegheny Health Network and Allegheny County Health Department.

AMY CRAWFORD-FAUCHER: If you didn't think you qualified before, you may well qualify now.

JESSICA GUAY: The state health department is allowing people in phase 1C, along with phase 1A and 1B, to sign up for this and receive the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine.

AMY CRAWFORD-FAUCHER: So the faster we get more people vaccinated, the fewer bodies there are for the virus to infect. So that is how we get to herd immunity.

JESSICA GUAY: Phase 1C includes finance, communications, legal service, food service, and more. The state's planned eligibility date for phase 1C remains April 12. So this is an early opportunity for some restaurant employees, as business is picking back up.

ANTHONY DENUNZIO II: For our restaurant workers, it's definitely a benefit to them if they have the ability to go and get it and if they want to go and get it, they can go and get it and that will make everybody safer, I guess, and happier in the long run. And hopefully we can all continue to be much better, and we'll all be able to do more and more things as time goes on.

JESSICA GUAY: With rising case counts and hospitalizations in the county, doctors are asking you to still be cautious.

AMY CRAWFORD-FAUCHER: Even though we're so darn tired of being so careful that we just have to maintain our vigilance.

JESSICA GUAY: As more doses become available.

AMY CRAWFORD-FAUCHER: And if we have pockets of people who don't get vaccinated, then we're that much farther away from normalcy.

JESSICA GUAY: I wanted to mention, Next Tier Connect is an office building that's located near Forbes Hospital, which is behind me right now. You must pre-register to get a shot with this clinic. You can do so by going on AHN's website or you can call 412-DOCTOR starting at 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM tomorrow. Live in Monroeville, Jessica Guay, KDKA News.