AHN Set To Host Second COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic At PNC Park

The clinic will be for pre-registered patients only.

Video Transcript

LINDSAY WARD: Happening today-- PNC Park once again plays host to a massive vaccination clinic. It's the second time this month, with the first being one of, if not, the largest vaccination event in Pittsburgh since the 1950s. Bryant Reed has more on today's clinic. And Bryant, what do people really know-- need to know what's happening today?

BRYANT REED: Well Lindsay, PNC Park seems to be the go-to spot when it comes to mass vaccination clinics. You'll remember just a couple of weeks ago around 2,500 people got vaccinated, but these folks are getting the shot today aren't those same people. This is a new batch of folks getting their first shot in the arm, but the same rules still apply.

People in the 1A category are the only ones getting vaccinated today. That means people 65 and older, health care workers, and anybody who is considered high-risk. For those of you in that 1A category who are still fighting to find a shot, AHN is launching a scheduling portal on their website that will make it easier for those trying to find a vaccine to schedule an appointment based on the state's eligibility requirements.

Now today, there's expected to be about 3,500 shots given. That's up about 1,000 from last week. But keep in mind that today's clinic is not a walk-in clinic. People are already pre-registered and have scheduled an appointment. Reporting on the North Shore, I'm Bryant Reed, "KDKA News."