Ahoy Matey! Pirate Ship Sails On Pittsburgh Rivers

Pittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani is aboard Pittsburgh's only sailing Pirate Ship replica! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Video Transcript


CELINA POMPEANI: Ahoy Mateys! I'm Celina Pompeani Welcome back to "Pittsburgh Today Live." Check out where we are right now. What a beautiful day to be on the Pittsburgh pirate ship. This is Pittsburgh's first and only pirate ship for charter. It's pretty incredible. And I am so excited to introduce you to the owner, Evan Weaver. Great to have you with us today.

EVAN WEAVER: Oh, thank you so much. This is really a thrill.

CELINA POMPEANI: So this is pretty cool, because we do have a lot of different fun things you can do on the water in Pittsburgh.


CELINA POMPEANI: But why not a pirate ship? You're the first to bring it here.

EVAN WEAVER: I can't believe that it hasn't existed beforehand. There are a million and one ways to sight-see the city. This is really just something that's natural and really kind of a duh moment.

CELINA POMPEANI: So tell me about your history, because I know you had many reasons why you wanted to bring this here to the Burgh.

EVAN WEAVER: Oh yeah, well, firstly, I was in the United States Navy for six years. 16 countries, 3 commands, it was the experience of a lifetime. And whenever I decided to make Pittsburgh my home, I couldn't believe why there weren't more people out on the water. So there are many reasons for that. But this is one way to help remedy it and get people out on the water, and enjoying this beautiful city from the best view this city has to offer.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, you're telling me and what a perfect day we could not have had better weather. And today is the maiden voyage, which is the perfect timing for the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener later this afternoon. But Evan, I would love for you to take us through. Take us on a little tour here.

EVAN WEAVER: Yeah, absolutely.

CELINA POMPEANI: Tell us about everything that we have going on here.

EVAN WEAVER: So firstly, we have a couple of cannons. We do have one working cannon.

CELINA POMPEANI: So this one does work down here.

EVAN WEAVER: It does work, yes, absolutely. We have the traditional figurehead just located on the bowsprit. So forward here, we have plenty of area to enjoy the sun, pack your coolers, just enjoy the day out in the water.

And then as you come to the rear of the vessel, that's where the home station is for our captains. Today, I also have with me Captains Roxanne Sugar and Captain Rich Oblonsky.


- Ahoy.

CELINA POMPEANI: They look great. I love the shirts, All Aboard, the Jolly Roger and Maiden Voyage Crew. Wow, once you do book this, I know you have so many reservations already.


CELINA POMPEANI: And they will be out all day here on the water starting at 10:00 AM. Tell me about the whole process, how you go about booking. It's BYOB, so let's talk about that.

EVAN WEAVER: It's bring your own everything for right now. Once some restrictions have been lifted, I will be providing more. But even still, bring your own alcohol.

CELINA POMPEANI: And we have some.

EVAN WEAVER: Even after that. Yes, we do. Thank you to Sly Fox Brewing for providing us with some nice refreshments for the day.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, we got to bring some out.

EVAN WEAVER: Oh, yeah.


EVAN WEAVER: There you are.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, I love it. Oh, that's great, perfect for the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener. So far, this is really your first spring and summer getting to enjoy this and getting Pittsburghers out here on the water in the Pittsburgh pirate ship. So what has the reaction been? I know, the funny thing is they don't have a ton of photos posted online or social media. And people have been working like crazy.

EVAN WEAVER: It has been. That's really been the strange part and just goes to show you the reason why Pittsburgh needs a pirate ship. It may not be the pirate ship that Pittsburgh deserves right now, but it's the one that I can offer right now.

There are a lot of plans in the future for a lot of growth and for the development with it, some big things in the near future. But as of right now, this is what we have. And we're going to have a lot of fun doing it.

CELINA POMPEANI: Oh, for sure. And what I'm thinking right now, because you can fit six people on here right now, correct?

EVAN WEAVER: Six paid passengers, correct.

CELINA POMPEANI: OK, so can you really bring-- I know my niece Ellie loves the water, but she's three. Would she be OK to come out here?

EVAN WEAVER: Absolutely, we take every single safety precaution that we possibly can, not only US Coast Guard regulations, we go overboard with everything. We have plenty of life jackets for every single person to be on board. We have all the safety requirements. If they have any concerns, feel free to give me a call. Go onto the website, contact us in some way. We can talk more about this.

CELINA POMPEANI: Awesome. Evan, thank you so much for having me on here.

EVAN WEAVER: No, thanks for this. This is amazing.

CELINA POMPEANI: You need to get one too. We're cheersing.


CELINA POMPEANI: We're cheersing, Evan. I'm opening it up.

- You're cheersing to the beautiful day.

- Yes, Celina.

CELINA POMPEANI: The Pittsburgh Pirates, woo!

- Hey, Celina--

CELINA POMPEANI: Stay out here all day, David and Heather.

- Celina ask Evan how much extra is to fire off the cannon.

CELINA POMPEANI: Heather wants me to ask you how much extra is it to fire off the cannon?

EVAN WEAVER: That is yet to be determined. But we might be able to work something out.

- OK, then. We'll be back then.

- A wise answer from Evan. All right, thanks Celina. Enjoy your beer.

- So jealous of her assignment.

- Oh, she's fun.

- We have the floating, Tiki had the paddle boat, of course, and now a pirate ship. We deserve it. That's all we haven't said. Pittsburgh's rivers are getting so interesting.

- It's very true. And we brought you the very latest one right here this morning.