Aiken County election board experiences reporting delays during Tuesday's primary

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Jun. 15—A mostly smooth day of voting went sideways Tuesday night as the Aiken County election office reported results.

Very few issues were reported as nearly 13,500 people voted in Tuesday's primary election in Aiken County. However, final results were delayed until 12:05 a.m. Wednesday due to tabulation issues.

Andrew Marine, chairman of the Aiken County voter registration and elections commission, said there were issues with closing voting machines in some precincts that caused election officials to have to refer to individual ballots in some cases.

Aiken County Registration and Elections Executive Director Cynthia Holland said the county did fairly well considering its size and the number of new clerks. She said the county had 26 new clerks during Tuesday's election and that some of them may not have understood the importance of following the directions given to them before the election started.

Holland added that one precinct, No. 2, experienced a technical glitch that required her to go to the precinct and use another memory stick to retrieve results.

An Aiken Standard reporter tried at least four times between 8 p.m. and midnight to determine if there was a delay and if so what caused the delay and if not when the results would be ready.

In two of those attempts, the reporter was told by workers in the office that they did not know whether there was a delay nor could they determine when the results would be delivered.

In two other attempts, no worker attempted to answer the ring of a bell placed at the door of the election office.

Holland said Wednesday her trip to the precinct caused a delay in getting the results reported out.

A television displayed a four-page PDF copy of an election results report sheet that was updated four or five times.

At least once, the displayed sheet went so long without being updated or having the page changed that the computer's screensaver came on and the screen went blank.