Aiken Polo Club kicks off its fall season

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Sep. 26—Between the dogs, drinks and food, a horse ran by every now and then with the return of the Aiken Polo Club's fall season.

Sunday afternoons are for polo, socializing and networking in Aiken according to the club's guests.

"You see friends that you haven't seen since last season. The food is always good — the excitement on the field its just a wonderful place to spend your Sunday," said Andrew Siders, the vice chairman of Aiken County Council.

Siders said he has seen people visit Aiken, attend the polo games, love it and then move to Aiken — just based on the hospitality.

"This has been going on for over 100 years, so people who are not involved in polo come for the social aspect of it. A lot of times, people don't even watch the game ... ," said Susie Kneece, the director of marketing for the Polo Club.

Kneece has been involved in polo for the last 26 years with her husband Tiger Kneece.

She said she enjoys watching everyone have fun, adding that the polo experience is for everybody. Susie added COVID-19 affect the Polo Club in a negative way.

"We did not miss one game — actually we blew up bigger because everyone came here. Everyone was outside and everyone felt safe," Susie said.

Guest Bernice Miller said the Polo Club has become a part of her social life and it's like a party every Sunday.

"I love it here because I like horses. I'm from Aiken (and that's) what we're all about here in Aiken. I go to steeplechase, and I love ... the scenery of watching them play," said Miller.

The club has a game every Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Powderhouse Field. The games are open to the public, and the details of each game and pricing are located on the club's website.

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