Aiken school district warns students of consequences to TikTok challenges

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Oct. 6—TikTok challenges are becoming more popular as the school year goes on.

In September, there was the "devious licks" challenge. October's Tiktok challenge is to "slap a teacher," according to a list that's circulating on TikTok and Twitter, said the South Carolina Education Association.

So far, the Aiken County Public School District has not had any reports of the new challenge involving slapping an educator or school official, according to the school district.

The "devious licks" challenge caused problems in multiple schools in the district, Aiken County Public Schools Superintendent King Laurence said in a recent video posted to social media.

"What the social media challenge does not tell you is that these actions could result in infractions that are designated as larceny and severe vandalism, each of which can result in the placement of students into our alternative education program, restitution payments and charges with law enforcements," Laurence said regarding the "devious licks" challenge.

The district added it wants to work with students and help guide them through the decision-making process so they fully understand what could result if they participate in these challenges.

"Students need to be made aware that by participating in the newest trend of slapping an educator or school official, they are breaking South Carolina state law, and charges will be filed," said Stephanie Behrendt, the communication coordinator for Aiken County Public Schools.

According to Tiktok and Twitter, the following challenges are planned for the rest of the school year:

—October: Smack a staff member

—November: Kiss your friend's girlfriend at school

—December: "Deck the halls and show your b****" (show your private parts)

—January: Jab a breast

—February: Mess up school signs

—March: Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria

—April: "Grab some eggz" (another stealing challenge)

—May: Ditch Day

—June: Flip out in the front office

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